• Web & Mobile Full-Stack Developer

    Web & Mobile Full-Stack Developer

    JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5, C/C++, Java, Swift, PHP are some of my favourite dialects...

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  • Music is my passion

    Music is my passion

    Multi-instrumentalist musician and electronic dance music producer and addict...

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  • Mobile tech is my life

    Mobile tech is my life

    Web, iOS and Android are my best friends, but I can also have a chat with some Mac OSX and Windows desktops or Linux backends...

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About me

I'm an independent software developer from Portugal currently going back and forth between Lisbon and London. I have studied Industrial Engineering & Management and Economics in university but software development has been entirely my professional life since I was 14 years old. I worked in many environments from startups to huge multinationals. Had experience in sectors like Banking, Automotive, Space and Defence, Home Automation, Hardware Manufacturers, Kernel Drivers, Communications, Web and Mobile Apps.

I am also a multi-instrumentalist musician, DJ and electronic dance music producer and addict. It has been my favourite hobby since forever and I am glad that many of my clients are from the music industry, so I can join the best of both worlds! ;)

Since 2010 I became a freelancer and had projects mainly in Spain, France, UK, Germany, Netherlands, US and Canada. From Android and iOS productivity apps and games to multi-platform native C/C++ components that have to work in Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Desktop Mac OSX, Windows and Linux, and also desktop and mobile HTML5 webs, games and apps or servers that deliver content 24/7 with high bandwidth demands, I've done it all. Lately I've been dedicated mostly to JavaScript and the beauty of using a single language and tools to develop Web SPA, Backend RESTful/GraphQL services, Mobile iOS/Android/Windows, Desktop Windows/Linux/Mac OSX applications. JavaScript is really fun to work with!

I have been working remotely for the last 4 years and I believe that it is the perfect way of working. When needed I can come on-site for meetings and planning, but most of the time I work from my home office, using Trello and Skype/Hangouts to manage the projects and communicate with clients.

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Professional Services

These are some of the areas where I usually collaborate with my clients.

Planning & Strategy

Most of my clients call me in to be involved in the planning phase of their projects. So much time and money can be saved when a company designs a common strategy for their online and mobile presence from the beginning. My role here is to help by bringing the experience of all the platforms to the table to get the most out of the client idea.

SEO, SMM & Internet Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media and Internet Marketing are some of the most important areas of any global presence and most of the time are so underrated. I design with my clients a consistent web, social and mobile presence so that they will benefit from the maximum exposure on all channels and derive it into achieving their strategic goals.

Web Design & Development

Web design is much more than graphic design nowadays. I design webs that work great in all the desktop and mobile platforms. Responsive, mobile friendly and multi-screen layouts with Bootstrap and CMS like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal. Or even, developing Web Single Page Applications (SPA) with frameworks like React, Angular or Vue, as well as backends in Node, or Parse Server.  And finally training the teams who will provide content creation and management.

Mobile Development

Mobile apps are one of the hottest technologies in this century. I can deliver native mobile applications for Android (Java), iOS (Swift) and Windows Phone (C#). Alternatively, by using React Native or Native Script, I can develop a single code base for both Android, iOS and soon in Windows Phone. Many of my projects had common modules in C++, linked through JNI to Android, through Interop to Windows Phone and directly to iOS. I have the solutions, let’s talk about your ideas?

App Server Development

Wether my client is planning to rollout an app server with in-house servers or host them on some Cloud Computing service like Amazon AWS, I have the experience to design and implement such high demand heavy traffic solutions, making it scalable and performant to minimize used resources. Usually I use Node, PHP or Ruby on Rails, communicating through plain sockets, RESTful, GraphQL, JSON or XML. The sky is not the limit anymore!

App communication development

Say you have the app already but you need to make it connect with other apps or transfer data to devices. I have extensive experience in designing and implementing connected apps using Wifi, Bluetooth or Bluetooth LE in all mobile and desktop platforms. Some times you have all the needed resources but just need the initial push, or you need full implementation as a new module… I can provide the consulting, just feed me the ideas!

Start-up Coaching & Training

I can work with my clients to help them clarify technical aspects of their ideas and build a better informed investment plan. Also I can give advice and coach my clients with brilliant ideas, bringing in the needed technical background that is key for their success. After the project is started I am usually called on-site to give advice and training, often reducing TTM (Time to Market) which is so important in a start-up.

Quality & Security Assessment

Todays websites, web apps and mobile apps get hacked or their vulnerabilities exploited sooner or later. Either the client has a team that is assessing the quality and security of their apps or they will know their vulnerabilities by customer support, which probably means it’s too late. I provide a quality and security assessment service to my clients that goes from crash and brute-force testing to code analysis.



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Happy Clients

Latest Projects

Find here a few of my latest projects, from webs to apps here are some of the works that are accessible for you to check out...

  • kolatz

    Kolatz website

  • readium

    Readium ePub3 SDK

  • beagle

    txtr Beagle

  • txtr

    txtr eBooks

Latest News

Find here some news about me, my work or technology in general. I'll do my best to write something here from time to time. Stay tuned...

New website!

New website!

Aug 25, 2015

Just published my new website! Hope you like it and you find useful information here. We’ll keep in touch…


What some of my happy clients said about my work. And I didn't pay them a dime for these words... :)

  • Henning Lind

    Henning Lind

    Head of Mobile

    I brought Pedro on board for complex Android (Java, JNI, C/C++) tasks. He has proven in any thinkable way to be a real professional software engineer in this time. He is nice and kind, self organized and down to the very core: solution driven. He is the type of person which takes over a task and gets it done – no matter what. As an experienced senior developer he unimportunately shares knowledge with others and always keeps management up to date as well. Unlike most developers Pedro creates great documentation totally self-driven, as a matter of course. I am always available as a reference for Pedro and his great work. Feel free to contact me any time.

  • Lourdes Tavira

    Lourdes Tavira

    Development Manager

    Pedro is a natural team player. As a senior person, he takes the role to ensure all members in the team feel their contribution are equally important, so the team works smoothly. He takes great care of producing high quality code. Pedro works towards a solution in a very methodical way. His long experience has provided him with a talent for identifying problems and solutions. He is always eager for improvement, and he proposes to management recommendations to do things better. Pedro is also an excellent communicator at all levels. Without any doubt, it was a great pleasure working with him.

  • Alexandre Constantino

    Alexandre Constantino

    Software Engineer

    Working with Pedro was an excellent professional and personal experience.
    He is very knowledgeable and gets around problems with ease.
    Thanks to him I had the opportunity of improving my skills, in particular with GNU/Linux.
    I hope we get the chance of working together again.

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R. Fialho de Almeida 14 - Lisboa

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24h/day and nights too!

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